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Sunshine island

Pula, Istra, Croatia

Full day

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Pula, Istra, Croatia


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Renvect Nautic adventureous and livley experiences are Located in Croatia,Istrian pensulvania.

Use your free time to experience something different and real life reality thatis curently not visible

Only thing you need to do,is to discover it and make it memorable and visible.

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All our boats have between 3 and 6 cabins and accommodate 6 to 12 guests excluding the skipper. Hostess and AC options available.

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Book a cabin or spots on a mixed gender yacht and share your yacht with other spot bookers. Each cabin accommodates two people in shared beds.



Book a single spot and share a bunk bed cabin with a person of the same gender. We have a lot of single travelers just like you. You’ll be placed on a mixed gender yacht with like minded people of the same age.

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