Unique 4 beaches in Pula
Unique 4 beaches in Pula


Top beaches in Pula

You may have already visited popular tourist destinations in Croatia, such as this one, but you are still looking for detailed information on what to expect on these beaches.

Pula is surrounded by water on both the west and south sides, and its stunning bathing spots will not disappoint. Its beaches are well preserved all year and offer some of the most crowded beaches as well as hidden gems known only to locals.

This guide will show you the best beaches in Pula, Croatia.

We will provide detailed guides and information for each beach to assist you in planning your trip.



1.The Seagulls cave and cliffs

This part of town was previously restricted by a military zone, and there are still traces of the steel fence that divided this beautiful cave and beach into two zones.


This is the beach where locals prefer to unwind during the summer.

It is not surprising that it has become one of the most popular beaches in recent years, as its cave has enabled local tour operators to create excellent products centered on this beach.


If you're looking for something to do, this is the place to be because it offers cliff diving, snorkeling, SUP and kayak tours, boat tours, and zip line and surf in bay acrocss, which is only a 10-minute walk away.


Attractions and activities, Jumping points, Guided tours


 In recent years, it has become very crowded; we recommend going early in the morning.There are no stores nearby if you need food or water, and the only beach bar on the way to it is a small one.


How to Get to Segulss Cave and Cliffs?

My question is, will you be arriving by bus or car? I guess the local bus line is the way to go.

Depending on your starting point, you must first locate the 1a)Stoja bus line, which departs from the city center near the old Roman "Golden Gates." The ticket should be around 12 kunas and will take you to the campsite Stoja as its final station. From there, take a 10-minute walk north on a tiny road that runs near the sea. There should be a zip line on the left side, followed by a small beach bar.

From here, climb into the woods on the left side and continue uphill on a small road until you reach an abandoned old fort. Right in front of you should be long stairs leading down to the beach, and once there, take the path to the right and climb small cliffs.



2.)Beach on Veruda Island

Island Veruda and its shady beaches with treelines touching the sea are definitely a place locals like to spend a few days, or they pitch their tents there for the next month and live outdoors while traveling to work every morning.


Every hour, a small ferry departs for the island from a location known locally as Bunarina, which is located in a small nautical port just below the hotel complex.

Grills can be found throughout the island, as well as small restaurants and bars. There aren't many activities, but it was designed for relaxation and family time.


Pjescana uvala and Verudela Acquarium are well-known attractions across this island.


Pros: Can be reached by renting a boat or taking a local ferry; has small restaurants and shady beaches; and offers some activities such as volleyball.

Cons: fewer activities, reliance on the ferry, and a lack of a store


How do I get to the island of Veruda?

Take a bus number 2 or 3 from Pula's city center in the direction of Veruda's city part.

When you reach the last station, which is near a large parking lot, you must exit and walk toward the ramp, after which you must descend a steep street toward a small nautical port. You can see a docking and departing boat named "danica" or "odisey" right behind the restaurant. Tickets can be purchased right there for around 20 kunas per person. The boat departs every hour until 22:00 p.m. The exact address is "Verudela 5, Pula."



3.)Prostina beach and lighthouse

Prostina beach is a bit remote and hidden, and it is usually less crowded in the middle of summer. It is located on the outskirts of Pula city, and its steep cliffs provide excellent jumping opportunities. The depth of the sea is approximately 17 meters, and there are several bridges and rope jumping points.

It's very appealing because of the view of the lighthouse directly above you and the Brijuni islands across the water.

The first island you see is Kozada, and the one ahead of you is St. Jerolim.

If you plan to swim around here, keep in mind that this is the main entrance into Pula port, and there is ongoing boat traffic. Beatwin Islands has a very strong current, so don't swim more than 100 meters from the nearest coast.


Prostina beach is located directly behind an old fort that is used for local events and parties.


Pros: Calm and relaxed surroundings, great for selfies and photos, views of Brijuni National Park, lighthouse near Pula It's not crowded.

Cons: Difficult to get to (car or bike required), no stores or bars nearby, not recommended to swim more than 100 meters along the coast due to traffic and water currents.


What is the best way to get to Prostina Beach?

You can take the 5a bus line from the city center for about 30 minutes to its final station near the Puntizela campsite. There, you must exit and continue on foot by following a 1,3km long road toward Fort Punat Christo, and then take a path through the woods before reaching the fort. Our recommendation is to take your own ride or use a taxi service like Cammeo, which will cost you no more than 80 kunas "everything above that is 100 percent fraud."


4.)St. Jerolim Brijuni

This is one of the most popular islands to visit, where you can spend the entire day.

The island has a rich Roman history and remains, and its unique underwater shape is ideal for snorkeling due to the protection of national parks and the abundance of waterlife in any direction 500m from the island.

On this island, you can find smaller restaurants and bars that will keep you fed and hydrated during the day.

Swimming is permitted in designated areas near the port, but if you want a little more freedom, head to the island's backside.

Please be advised that the currents between the islands of St. Jerolim and Big Brijuni are strong, and that the channel between the islands has been designated as an official passage for boat and ship traffic.


Pros: very appealing destination that is not overcrowded due to ferry line limitations, has history, and is part of a national park.

Cons: There is no ferry service to get there. You will need to go on a tour with a local tour operator, then disembark on the island and arrange a pick-up time when their next tour is scheduled. At this time, the entrance fee is 30 kunas for 4 hours.

How do I get to Brijuni St. Jerolim?

In Pula, you can either take a local tour or rent a boat.

If you choose to go with a tour operator, keep in mind that you will have limited time on the island due to their operating hours.

Renting a small boat under 5m and 5hp is the best option because it does not require a license to operate. If you are educated and have a license, you can definitely hire a boat from this charter because they have the best prices and have been in business for years.





Now that we've seen all of the benefits and drawbacks of these beaches as well as how to get there, we recommend seeing them all in one day by checking out this tour operator/agency that will take you on the ultimate boat ride for a fraction of the cost. Groups are small, and if you arrive early enough, you may be able to take advantage of a special offer for a personalized tour that can be tailored to your specific requirements.


Seeing all of these places on your own can be pricey and, more importantly, time demanding.


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